There are many reasons to start using reusable water bottles. Here are the three most important:


In Italy 192 liters of mineral water are consumed per capita, thus confirming the record in Europe of the Belpaese as a country with the highest consumption of bottled water. The national average is twice that of the European one. The most obvious reason for using a reusable water bottle instead of bottled water is to help make our planet more sustainable. Approximately 38 billion bottles of disposable water end up in landfills every year. But it’s not the only problem. A surprisingly high amount of oil is needed to produce the plastic waste water bottles we buy every day. Every time we drink bottled water, we should ask ourselves if it was really necessary to buy that bottle. The best choice is a high quality reusable water bottle that will last for many years. And unfortunately, less than 40% of these bottles are recycled.


How many times has it happened that you go out for a walk or on the beach and you do not have a bottle of water at your fingertips? This is where reusable water bottles come into play. If you have one of these bottles at home you can simply fill it and take it with you. Or filling it the night before, so you can keep it in the fridge overnight and have fresh drinks available the next day.


The water bottles are perfect even in the office. Rather than filling your cup several times a day, simply use a bottle so that you always have enough water available on your desk to hydrate yourself. Drinking water at work is important because it is very easy to dehydrate when working in air-conditioned rooms throughout the day. This not only has a big impact on your performance, but also causes long-term damage to your skin. A reusable water bottle on your desk makes it a habit to regularly drink water much more easily.