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What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for bottles?

We do not have a minimum order, we can also personalise individual items. prices vary according to the quantities ordered, the model chosen and the number of printing colours.

Contact our offices to receive our best quotation

What is the lead time for new personalised orders?‎

Approximately ‎2/3 weeks from the approval of the graphics draft + transport times

If you require a narrower time frame, contact us and we will find a solution together

What is the lead time for new NON-personalised orders?‎

Approximately ‎1 week. If you require a narrower time frame, contact us and we will find a solution together

Can I mix and match bottle and cap colours in a single order?

There is no difference in price for different bottle and cap colour assortments.

How much extra does it cost if I want different coloured prints? For example, white bottles printed in black and black bottles printed in white, all with the same design?

We charge an additional EUR 20.00 for each colour change to the initial colour design

What is the minimum order quantity for a Pantone colour?

Pantone colours can be requested for minimum orders of 5,000 pcs. The time and cost of obtaining the necessary certifications should be accounted for.

Contact our offices to receive our best quotation

Can I mix and match bottle and cap colours?‎

Yes, you can choose any of the caps from our colour collection. No additional costs

Screen printing

Can you provide me with the neutral layout to prepare the artwork?

Each product has its own print area.

What print sizes are used?‎

The relevant sizes for each item are shown in the layouts.

Can the print extend around the product fully?

Yes, when personalising products using digital printing, the print can extend around the product completely, while an opening of approximately 6/7 mm is left with screen printing

What printing methods do you use?

YES, in screen printing it is possible to print on the collar while in digital only for a total height of 100mm

Quali metodi di stampa utilizzati?

Screen printing and digital printing

How is a CMYK print calculated?

Cmyk printing is normally calculated as 4 colours.
However, sometimes cmyk artwork requires a support colour. This colour is generally white.Contact our offices for advice on graphics and rendering on the bottle of your choice.

If more convenient, we choose digital graphics

What are the specifications for submitting digital artwork?

Digital artwork should be submitted as vector files or high resolution images (

When is a white graphics underlay required?

A white underlay is required on all black bottles. If white is part of the design, the white does not need to be printed as an extra colour.

Contact our offices for further information.


Can the bottles be shipped in unmarked boxes?

Yes, we can use neutral packaging without our logo

Can our documents be sent directly to our customer?

Yes, please send us your packing list which we will add to the shipment

How many pieces can be put in each box?

Our bottles are packaged in boxes of 50-70 pcs in accordance with the model.‎

Generally the size of the box is 60x40x30 cm and it weighs around 5.5 kg

Can the bottles be packed in polybags?

Yes, polybag packaging can be requested at an additional cost.

Contact our offices to receive our best quotation

Can the water bottles be packed in individual boxes?

Yes, bottles can be packed in individual cases at an additional cost

Contact our offices to receive our best quotation

What are the standard sizes of pallets?‎

We usually pack on 80x120x210 pallets (variable height according to requirements)


Where are the water bottles manufactured?

The bottles are blown and printed at our factory in Venegono Inferiore – Varese – Italy

What material are the bottles/caps made of?‎

The bottles are made of polyethylene and the caps of polypropylene.

The bottles are made of tritan and the caps of polypropylene/tritan

Can the bottles be used for fizzy drinks?

Yes, the caps can be used for fizzy drinks

Can the bottles be used for hot drinks?

Yes, the bottles can hold hot drinks up to 40°C! For Tritan up to 75°C

Are the bottles dishwasher safe?

Yes, the bottles are dishwasher safe, we recommend a cycle at a temperature of 55°C to preserve their longevity

Where can I find a price list?

Contact our offices to receive our best quotation


Contact our offices to receive our best quotation

Are you able to produce models at the request of customers?

Yes, we can create models at the request of customers. Please contact our offices for details

Can the bottles be used with all bottle holders?

Yes, the bottles are suitable for all bottle holders.


Are your bottles suitable for food contact?

YES. Our bottles are BPA free and suitable for food contact. This has been tested and reports are available from our offices.

What is the best way to keep my bottle clean?

Wash the bottles before use. This can be done by hand or in the dishwasher!‎

After cleaning, leave the bottle open so air can circulate.‎

Where can I find your safety data sheets?‎

Safety data sheets are available upon request.‎

Are the products quality certified?

Yes, please contact our offices for information

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Were you unable to find the answer you were looking for in the FAQ?

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